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Director:William Butler
Writers: Scott Aronson
William Butler

Solar Force
Director:Boaz Davidson
Writer:Terrence Paré

Bloodrayne 2
Director:Uwe Boll
Masaji Takei
Christopher Donaldson

Creators:Daniel D'Or
Philip Jackson


Directed by Uwe Boll
Written by Uwe Boll
Richard Dean Klein

Television Interviews

Eddie & The Cruisers
Directed by: Martin Davidson
Writing credits: Martin Davidson
Arlene Davidson (screenplay)
P.F. Kluge(novel)

Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Writing credits:Paul A. Birkett, William Langlois,
Paul A. Birkett, Jim Wynorski

Spanish Rose
Directed by: Bob Misiorowski
George Fernandez: screenplay & story
Les Weldon and David Zito: writers

Red Serpent
Directed by: Gino Tanasescu
Writing credits:Drew Fleming
Alex Kustanovich and Ramil Yamaleyev: screenplay

Director: David Stevens
Writer: Miranda Downes

Eddie & the Cruisers 2
Directed: Jean-Claude Lord
Writing credits: P.F. Kluge(characters)
Charles Zev Cohen & Rick Doehring (writers)

Director: Ace Cruz
Writers: Ash Smith Ace Cruz & Martha Burgess

Streets of Fire
Director: Walter Hill
Writers: Larry Gross & Walter Hill

Midnight Heat
Director: John Nicolella
John Allen Nelson & Max Strom

Merchant of Death
Director: Yossi Wein
Writers: Danny Lerner & David Sparling

Into the Sun
Director: Fritz Kiersch
Writers:John D. Brancato & Michael Ferris