Interview with Dr. Uwe Boll
Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Cinematographer

(Exclusive for Michael Pare Media Forum)
Q1. Filmmaking has been a lifelong process for you. I read that you produced short films as a child. What catches your interest most about a possible project these days, making a statement about the world or portraying fantasy?

EB: I like pure Genre movies like FAR CRY or DUNGEON SIEGE but also movies with social impact like 1968-TUNNELRATS, STOIC or POSTAL

Q2. Which project in the last 3 years has been the most challenging?

EB: I think POSTAL was the movie most challenging because it was hard to go over all the peoples' opinion how far you can go with a comedy.

Q3. Tunnel Rats is not based on a fantasy, nor standard horror fare. It is the horrific reality of war. Would you say that creating Tunnel Rats was more difficult because the subject is based on historical facts that are so painful to so many?

EB: The key was to pick the right actors and to bring that young actors from L.A. in a bootcamp in South that they feel war before they shoot the movie.

Q4. Fans are hoping Tunnel Rats will open in theaters in the U.S. Are there plans for it to hit theaters here?

EB: The plan was that it goes out in a few big cities ...right now its up in the air.

Q5. The moments of humor were really fun in Bloodrayne 2. Were there plenty of light moments on the set?

EB: No...The opposite...It was cold, rainy and the railway station burned down by accident. The shoot was the worst shoot I had since BLACKWOODS.

Q6. Zack Ward mentioned to me that he did not enjoy pretending to hurt children in Bloodrayne 2. Was it difficult to get that great performance out of him? He was very believable.

EB: He is lying to you. He enjoys killing kids.

Q7. I understand you allow Michael Pare and your other actors to ad lib in certain circumstances. Do you prefer to script as you go? (I find that to be a sign of a great director and a great actor. I imagine few can do it.)

EB: I like it if the actors are so in character that they can do improv and I believe it.

Q8. What is next? Do any of your new projects include Michael Pare?

EB: I will try to use him so often I can ...because he is a great actor and a friend.

Q9. Would you come to the Fangoria Convention in Los Angeles to promote one of your new projects?

EB: When I have time always... I was already at 2 Fangoria conventions in Texas and New York.

Q10. Any future plans to delve into genres outside horror and drama?

EB: I will surprise a lot of people in the future.

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Thank you, Dr. Boll!
Written by Sandy Mouat, Managing Editor
and Sandy Marcum, Senior Editor